Victoria Bonia left father and daughter

Виктория Боня оставила дочь с отцом Little Angelina went with Alex Servicom to the Islands. Victoria Bonia not preclude the former civil wife to see the child. She tries to do everything to her adorable heir does not suffer from separation of the parents.

      Still the fans can’t believe the statement of the stars “House-2” Victoria Boni that she broke up with her civil husband Alex Servicom. The confessions of women, they decided to leave six months ago. Now Victoria and Alex are living separately, but fans interested in couples, who will remain their common daughter Angelina – to my father-a millionaire or a mother.

      Victoria works a lot and travels the world. Recently Bonya was on holiday with his friend in Spain, while Smurfit was in France. If before the fans raised the question, under whose care the child remains during trips parents, now they often ask about the girl. Victoria decided to explain the situation and answer to fans, which is now her successor. As it turned out, little Angelina went to rest with his father in Sint Maarten.

      “Docha with dad flew to the island,” replied Victoria, numerous inquiries of followers on microblog.

      Apparently, Bon and Smurfit managed to remain friends after a breakup. As recognized by the reality star, there is no serious reasons that caused their breakup. In her opinion, love with a civilian spouse spilled over into friendships. The woman was trying to do everything that their child suffered as little as possible due to the fact that they are no longer together.

      “It’s not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago. Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child. We remain close to each other people, because we are bound by our beautiful daughter – our General happiness and many warm memories” said Bonia.

      Victoria’s glad I broke up with Alex without scandals and has managed to preserve rupture in secret from the public for a long time. Bonia ignored questions about why she doesn’t shows images with the father of her child, and then intrigued followers with a message that hinted at secret news about the relationship with Servicom. However, when the fans felt that the pair is preparing for the long-awaited marriage, not tear. Victoria Bonia happy wedding