Victoria Bonia is Dating French millionaire

Виктория Боня встречается с французским миллионером Ex-participant reality show has become one of the most striking beauties on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival. Journalists drew attention to the fact that recently Victoria Bonia is accompanied everywhere by businessman Pierre Anduran. The star revealed the truth about the relationship with a wealthy man.
Виктория Боня встречается с французским миллионером

38-year-old Victoria Bonya has fun on the French Riviera. Model and TV presenter appears on the social events in the company of French billionaire Pierre Anduran. Fans of Victoria think she looks great with the businessman.

Journalists contacted Victoria to comment on rumors of a new hobby. Celebrity has confirmed that indeed meets Ancyranum. According to Boni, the French millionaire set up very seriously. Moreover, the choice of the presenter is already familiar with her daughter Angelina Letizia.

“We’re serious. We have already introduced our children from the past marriage Pierre has a daughter the same age as my Angelina,” Victoria told reporters.
Виктория Боня встречается с французским миллионером

For the first time Victoria and Pierre were spotted together on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival before the screening of the film “Girls of the sun” French ava Yusson. In addition to the stars of Instagram, the event was marked by Kendall Jenner, cate Blanchett, amber heard, hailee Baldwin, Helen Mirren, Lea seydoux, Kristen Stewart and Vera Brezhnev. Victoria came out in a long black velvet dress with a high slit. Your evening outfit TV presenter added a necklace, big earrings, dark clutch and sandals to match. The network has noticed that Bonia as if copied image of Angelina Jolie.

Pierre Anduran also made the company the Victoria premiere of the film spike Lee “BlacKkKlansman”. The model appeared before the photographers in a white dress with a transparent top and skirt with a provocative slit. Bonya wearing a luxury outfit combined with big jewelry and pumps. Fans of Victoria found that she looks terrific and bombarded the star with compliments.

No less a sensation Bonia made and showing the new part of the popular franchise “Han Solo: Star wars. History.” The presenter made a new hairstyle – she had her hair straightened and shortened them. Fans of Victoria approve of her experiments with appearance. According to them, the images of models are not inferior to the outfits of Hollywood stars. However, there were also those who found that now Bonya lost individuality, becoming a copy of Dana Borisova.

About the new darling of Victoria Boni known that in 2011, he legalized relationship with the Russian model Yevgenia Slyusarenko. The presenter has denied the rumors that had an affair with a married man. “They officially divorced 2 years ago, broke up 4 years ago,” said Bonya magazine “Hello!”.