Викторию Боню в Лос-Анджелесе приняли за агента разведки

Victoria Bonia – known enough in Russia the person, but in the West it may not boast the same popularity. Foreign customs officers face Victoria not familiar to you, because for them it is nothing more than another passenger who passes through their hands. By the way, control of the border guards Victoria had all the chances to fill up. And all because Boni was mistaken for a secret agent or spy.

What adventures she had experienced in the airport in Los Angeles Victoria told on his page on Instagram: “Today was kind of an endless day… still! He lasted 24 hours 😆 The funny thing is that at the border I passed quite fast, but at the exit from the LAX airport I was taken for a further inspection of things… But instead of talking, in essence, the officer decided to talk about our President, knowing my position, he went on to talk about the KGB. 😎 Then approached another officer and asked me to go and wait in the sidelines… and then I was asked if I’m a secret agent intelligence 😂😂 I laughed at the voice, taking the conversation as a joke, until I asked for the third time! 🙈 receiving a negative response, the officer began to search my things and at some point he took from my wallet a business card with the inscription SPY-LAND in English, (she belonged to the firm by hidden video surveillance systems), once I foisted it on the top crust 😎🙈😆 It was a hit! I thought I got burned and now I’m being deported 😭😭 in Short, while not googled my name and reviewed dozens of photographs from different events and projects didn’t want to believe me)) Here are the adventures 😆😆”.

I wonder how many secret agents here so quietly as Victoria will speak of their President with total strangers?