Виктория Боня намекнула на скорую свадьбу The model has intrigued fans with an unexpected message. Victoria Bonia hinted that her relationship with her new chosen one is very serious, so they’re thinking to arrange the marriage ceremony. About when it takes place, is unknown.
Виктория Боня намекнула на скорую свадьбу

38-year-old Victoria Bonya prefers to hide her personal life from the public. Rumor has it that the former participant “Houses-2” has an affair with the team midfielder “Manchester United” Marouane Fellaini. The alleged lovers were seen together in one of the restaurants. Victoria herself prefers not to comment on rumors about the passion of an athlete.

Victoria Bonia caught on a date with a famous football player

Fans are waiting for Bonnie when she married. The reason for the occurrence of such gossip was the statement of the Victoria. The model calls her chosen husband. Apparently, the beloved met the daughter of a socialite Angelina Letizia. Oil poured into the fire, and photo gorgeous wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand Bonnie. Recently, fans of Victoria imagined how she might look in a wedding dress. “The whole country is waiting for this day,” they wrote in social networks. Former member of telestroke has reviewed the post and made it clear that the ceremony could take place very soon.

Виктория Боня намекнула на скорую свадьбу

Review Victoria provoked a lively discussion on Instagram. However, critics believe that the model of wishful thinking. Fans of the former contestants of the reality show were quick to take her side and condemned the haters.

Earlier during the live broadcast on social networks Victoria Bonia said it has no plans to talk about your man and share his photos. “Yes, I have a husband, but I have to tell you about it will not show and not going,” she said. To the question about the whereabouts of her choice, Victoria said that the man works.

In February 2017, Bonia announced to the public about parting with the civil husband Alex Servicom, son of the Irish billionaire. Before the socialite decided on a major announcement, fans of the couple discussed the possible disagreement between them. Speaking about the new stage in his life, Vic said, still talking with Alex for a common daughter Angelina Letizia.

“He is my friend and beloved man, I’m sure it always will be. I know that many will now begin to misquote and invent their own version. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago. Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child. It so happened that our relationship turned into friendship, we really love each other, but in a very different way,” wrote the reality star on Instagram.

By the way, the daughter of Boni noted birthday. On this occasion, Victoria and Alex had a party in Monaco. Apparently, the girl was delighted with the surprise of the parents. Victoria Bonia was reunited with her husband for daughter