Victoria Bonia had fun in the company of Meryem Uzerli

Виктория Боня повеселилась в компании Мерьем Узерли The TV star spent the weekend in Sunny Saint-Tropez where she went together with her husband Alexander Smurfit. There is a TV presenter caught up with actress Meryem Uzerli.

      Виктория Боня повеселилась в компании Мерьем Узерли

      Victoria Bonia is enjoying a luxurious life in Europe. Weekend she, along with her husband Alexander Smurfit held in the French city of Saint Tropez. In his microblog TV star shared photos from the trip.

      Fans of Bonnie noticed that she spent a lot of time in the company Meryem Uzerli who played the main role in the series “Magnificent century”. Under the joint photo, Victoria wrote: “I very rarely watch TV, but the TV series with Meriem I watched and I loved it! But when fate brought us together in the ocean of life, I realized that was not mistaken for a second. It turns out that the screen conveys the energy of a person! I’ll wait for a new meeting and Dating our daughters.”

      Probably the girl became good friends. Celebrities visited a number of restaurants, walked around the city and discussed the latest news. With the weather Victoria & Meriem was very lucky: the sun was shining brightly and it was not cold. Bonia also managed to appreciate the beauty of narrow streets and colorful small buildings.

      Meryem Uzerli played in “the Magnificent century” the role of concubines, Hürrem, who became the first wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Love of Suleiman was so strong that the heroine Wesli getting away with it: she added poison in the food sworn enemy, and slips a Viper competitor. This series has won the interest of many Russian spectators. In 2015 Meriem started acting in the TV series “Queen of the night” in a role of Celine.

      The Boni family almost every month suit to itself a small holiday or vacation. In March, the star and her husband celebrated the fourth birthday of his daughter, Angelina. The celebration took place on the yacht, which set sail on the Caribbean sea. The best gift little girl gave her grandfather. He gave the girl swimming with dolphins. For daughters, the whole family is ready for anything. Victoria left the show “Without insurance”, as she constantly had to leave the child. Victoria would like to take angelina with me to Russia, but the girl attends a kindergarten in France.

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