Victoria Bonia forced to change the appearance for the fans

Виктория Боня вынуждена изменить внешность из-за поклонников

His microblog in Instagram Victoria Bonia is not only for themselves, but for their fans. The activity page is the former star of “House-2” watching millions of followers, who often praised Vick and criticized for some action. Recently Bonya decided on drastic changes in my life and dyed my hair. Victoria was blonde and as she said, she liked. But recently, before the presenter was formed question: stay blonde or return to their normal darker hair color.

For the answer to this question Victoria turned to the fans, which the social network has created a kind of vote, which was offered to choose which hair color suits her more.

“Photo is dedicated to those that ask for return of my old hair color. If this picture will beat the popularity of my photos in a new way, I will return its former color,” wrote Bonya.
Apparently, Victoria could not imagine that photos will gather more than 94 thousand likes.

“What’s going on at all? Do I have to dye my hair?! I don’t love you anymore” — in a joking manner, but not without grief written by Vic. Wondering whether to return Them to their former image that it actually became famous?