Victoria Bonia explained the disappearance of her husband from her life

Виктория Боня объяснила исчезновение мужа из её жизни
TV presenter commented on the breakup with her husband.

Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonya tries to live by the motto, “happiness loves silence”. She rarely shares in the microblogging family photos and a few in the audience tells about his personal life. But still first time in a while in the microblog Boni necessarily there is a touching joint photo with the civilian husband signed tender Declaration of love.

Some time ago, the Network has raised another wave of rumors about the breakup with Boni, the father of her child — Alex Servicom. The reason for this was the sudden removal of husband of a movie star of your account in social networks. In addition to this Instagram of Victoria for a long time pictures of the family idyll of the presenter. She plunged into work and was often away on business to Monaco, where he lives, Alex’s family and their daughter Angelina. Victoria did not tolerate gossip behind his back and spoke publicly about “parting” with Alex.

“Chicken! The fact that my husband was removed from Instagram, does not mean that he departed from my life too. A photo for you. But I want to remind you that we prefer to keep our happiness in silence. Away from your eyes. Thank you for cackling for us!” — wrote Bonya.

Incidentally, some time ago, Bonia explained to fans why it is still not married with Alex. TV presenter admitted that she and without a stamp in the passport is very comfortable with a loved one. According to Bonnie, she has a wonderful family, which for her is more important than someone’s ideas about family happiness. However, it does not exclude that someday wedding will still take place. Victoria hinted that it could happen tomorrow, maybe in hundred years.