Victoria Bonia enjoys “crazy” relationship with her boyfriend

Виктория Боня наслаждается «безбашенными» отношениями с бойфрендом The former participant “Houses-2” has never felt so happy. Victoria Bonya tries to keep personal life private, but happy says that finally found the perfect man, which is experiencing strong feelings.

In February of this year Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom. In a relationship with a businessman she had a daughter Angelina. Girl spends enough time with mom and dad, and does not suffer from lack of attention. The former participant “Houses-2” has moved to the United States, but often in Russia and traveling to different countries.

Now Victoria is intriguing fans with news that her heart is not free. However, openly to submit to the new chosen one, she did not hurry, but happy to talk about emotions, which is experiencing with him. Bonia admitted that they live in different countries, and the distance has further fuelled the passion between them. Many can only guess who managed to win her attention.

“In my youth I wanted to be reckless love, without which you can’t breathe, but I was not like this. Previously, the basis was the respect, the opportunity to learn from the partner,” said Victoria.

Fans came to the conclusion that the beloved Bonnie was Marouane Fellaini, a player of the football team “Manchester United”. On Halloween as the costume she chose the form of this club than confirmed the speculation of the followers.

“And he and I have a very active life, he is also well-known. So if free time is, we can just sleep the day together. Of course, go to restaurants, walk through the Park holding hands,” shared Victoria.

Bonia believes that maybe now she is experiencing true love is one for life. However, in late September, Victoria was the name of a completely different person – Italian Frederick. She reported that their relationship is quite serious and even conceived children. Bonia told me that they choose names for their children. “I told him that if we have son, we’ll call him ever. He, however, was very surprised, and I like that name,” admitted the former participant “Houses-2” live “Instagram”. Victoria Bonia was intrigued by the message about the new husband

Now the fans are confused – who exactly was the lover of Victoria. Apparently, Bonia does not want undue publicity about his personal life, and therefore refuses to name the men. However, she admitted to the magazine “House 2”, which is incredibly happy with the choice.

“Oh, I never did,” said Bonia.