Victoria Bonia disown connection with the actor “the Magnificent century”

Виктория Боня открестилась от связи с актером «Великолепного века» TV presenter commented on the situation, tired of the attention of the foreign press. According to Victoria, she was not going to provoke a scandal involving Burak. Earlier, the Russian celebrity has been accused that she is trying to destroy the family of the Turkish stars.

A few months ago on the Internet talking about the fact that Victoria Bonia is having the attentions of Turkish actor Burak Ascilite best remembered for her role in the series “Magnificent century”. The presenter left the comments under the posts of the imposing men, that provoked attacks by his fans. Ozcivit played a happy marriage, so his fans reacted to the gesture of woman Victoria, as a way to separate him from his wife, fakhriyya Mammadova.

“Get away from Burak, he is already married”, “fakhriyya Mammadova much more beautiful you”, “Have some pride, he won’t answer”, “Stay away from Mine,” wrote the followers of the actor.

In the last day of Boni literally attacked foreign media representatives, wishing to clarify the situation.

“The Turkish press just attacked me a call, comment on “history” with Burak, though there is no story at all. I am an active user on Instagram and all the time he wrote hundreds of different reviews for different people. But the Turkish press has created a real buzz around my review of the Turkish pair. I’m happy in my personal life and on other people’s men do not pretend that I am, who I am madly in love!” – said Bonia.

Recall, Victoria tries not to advertise a new relationship with a lover so as not to attract attention from the public. However, some of the phrases the presenter and designer, said during a live broadcast in the social network.

“Her husband was at work… Yes, I have a husband. But I won’t show you. And don’t tell anything about him” – the phrase star said while interacting with the fans.

By the way, the new novel does not interfere with Victoria to chat with the former civil husband Alex Servicom. The woman claims that they parted as friends, so they can spend time together with his daughter Angelina Letizia. Last weekend parents and the girl visited Ireland. Victoria actively shared photos from the trip in his microblog. Yet that star still hides the face of the heiress.