Victoria Bonia complained that after giving birth, she grew a foot

Виктория Боня пожаловалась, что после родов у нее выросла нога

The birth of a child is a responsible and important mission, through which, just as nature intended, must be provided for each woman. Nurturing kids many is not easy. Some mums can be difficult to come to terms with the changes in the body, both during pregnancy and after birth.

A few years ago that a mission was held and Victoria Bonia. In my dochechka angelina the former star of “House-2” doted, but admits that the appearance of her only child, the light passed for her not without consequences.

Victoria said that after the birth of her daughter, she grew up leg. Third, you do not think!

Changed the size of the feet, which is very upsetting to Victoria.

“After pregnancy I buy shoes in size 38. Previously, all of the shoes, just everything, I had a size 37. A long time I could not accept the fact that my foot grew after childbirth. And I kept a few years to buy shoes a size 37. It turns out, I have a huge amount of shoes, but none of them work”, – said Victoria, adding that she now chooses shoes with a heel of not less than 12 inches, and used to wear 8-10.
And you a such changes were not noticed?