Виктория Боня не может сдержать слез из-за разгоревшегося скандала The TV presenter was accused of cheating seriously ill child. Victoria Bonia emotionally expressed in his microblog after some users suspected her of dishonest act.

      Victoria Bonia was at the center of the scandal. The famous TV presenter was accused that she acted dishonestly in relation to a severely ill boy. After star announced the collection of funds for the child’s treatment, the Network has been released that promised her the money never reached the addressee.

      Victoria was not just horrified by what happened, she could not hold back tears of resentment. Leading has published a refutation of emotional data about the money that she allegedly took. The fact that Bonya is not just helped the children, whose health parents on their own to fix can’t. This time the star also sent the money to a seriously ill toddler his family, which she confirmed herself.

      “It makes me sad to tears. Do you want to do good business, do it and you instead throw the dirt! And it hurts, friends, believe me! I just want to cry! But I will defend your name, I will not let myself be hurt!”, – began his monologue with an indignant Victoria.

      As soon as Bonia made his emotional speech, her eyes filled with tears. The presenter could not restrain emotions, because he has received information that appeared online, too close to heart.

      “I didn’t Scam, and all the money that I collect for charity, I totally send the children, not a single penny I got! In short, it is a pure lie! I feel bad, I hurt, and I hope you will understand me! Sorry for my emotions,” said star with tears in her eyes.

      Victoria Bonia was an accident and dismissed the culprit

      By the way, leading manifests his generosity not only towards needy children. Her personality is manifested in everyday situations. So, in winter, Victoria was in Moscow in an accident. The culprit of the accident was the driver of a foreign car who couldn’t keep his distance. Leaving the car, Victoria found that her luxury Porsche suffered trunk lid, rear bumper, exhaust system, and possible hidden damage. If you translate it into the language of figures, auto repair in total has exceeded 400, 000. The car of the originator of the clashes could not be restored. However, Bonya decided that will carry out the repair of the iron horse itself, because the second party of the accident and so suffered more than she.

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