Victoria Bonia appeared in public with new boyfriend

Виктория Боня появилась на публике с новым бойфрендом
Russian TV star was first photographed with the famous footballer.

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Not so long ago the media spread the news that Victoria Bonia is Dating the famous footballer Marouane Fellaini, playing for the team “Manchester United”. Fans were sure that the Russian star won the heart of the athlete. However, no photos of Bonnie and Fellaini in the Network until recently not been published.

In social networks spread video with Dating couples in the restaurant. The movie became a confirmation of the assumptions fans were made secretly sitting at the next table “paparazzi”.

Victoria Bonya and Marouani Fellaini

Photo: Social Networks

After Victoria broke up with Alexander Servicom, the father of her daughter Angelina, she began to hide details of their personal lives. Only occasionally in her interview or on the page in social networks there comments about the new beloved. Recently it became known that Bonia already introduced boyfriend with my closest friends and family members, which indicates the seriousness of the couple.

Important is that the choice of the Russian TV stars gets along well with her daughter. “They communicate well and found a common language!” — shared details of the novel Bonia. She told me that the new boyfriend is very nice takes care of her and doing a splendid surprises. And not so long ago, she hinted at the imminent marriage. Maybe the boyfriend, Victoria has made her an offer of marriage.