Victoria Bonia appealed to supernatural forces

Виктория Боня обратилась за помощью к сверхъестественным силам TV presenter has published a video taken during meditation. Victoria Bonia told subscribers about the breathing practices and the power of insight. For a long time star engaged in strengthening of the spirit under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

Victoria Bonia is a devoted follower of various Eastern practices. For example, she regularly attends yoga classes. Blonde sure what workout to help her to stay beautiful and toned. But now, in addition to improving the body, she strives to strengthen and your spirit. For this purpose the celebrity has appealed to this shaman.

The star decided that her followers on Instagram will certainly should know the essence of the lessons on breathing practice. She posted in Twitter with a video of his lesson. The video shows how Victoria’s meditating in the Lotus position in front of the teacher. Occupation TV presenter is in the fresh air surrounded by a green lawn. Listening to soft music, a young woman finds serenity and spiritual enlightenment.

Users of the social network praised the desire blondes to high spirituality. They expressed sincere excitement about the fact that their favorite managed to find a real shaman. In addition, many of them decided to follow the footsteps of his idol and asked the celebrity about her lessons.

“Oh, God, how it all blends beautifully!”, “Class! Even through the screen of the phone feel the power!”, “Vic, can you tell us more details about your meditations? How did this come and what do they do? Every person is able to deal with them?”, “I have goosebumps! So fascinating”, “well Done! Continue with the same attitude! I’m always happy when I go to your account. Strong, brave and smart. Not a woman but a goddess!”, “Good, dear!” commented subscribers Boney her post.

Note that Victoria often indulges fans interesting details of his life. Star does not like routine, and tries each day to fill with bright colors. Recently, the TV host surprised fans of extreme video. She showed how to play with the tigers. The footage of a celebrity quietly stroking and feeding of the striped beasts. Of course, subscribers blonde was seriously scared for the favourite, and expressed their concerns. However, it turned out that the charm of Boni power, not only over men but also over the wild animals. Victoria Bonia risking his life on the walk with the tigers