Victoria Bonia, after all, getting married

Виктория Боня, все-таки, выходит замуж
After a tough breakup with her civil husband Alex Servicom, socialite Victoria Bonya alone was sad not for long.

Виктория Боня, все-таки, выходит замуж

Communicating with subscribers during live broadcasts of the network Instagram, pretty happy to answers questions regarding his personal life.

Виктория Боня, все-таки, выходит замуж

Recently in one of these esters Vick admitted that he was in love again.

The name chosen it is of course not named, but mentioned that he had a sharp mind, and stands unprecedented wisdom. This, according to Boni, a man and conquered it.

But most of all Victoria discouraged fans a statement that she is “five minutes to married.” No details after this sentence, until that followed, so maybe this is another blonde joke.

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