Victoria Bonia afraid to lose weight

Виктория Боня боится терять вес The star is happily married and raising a lovely daughter. After the birth of her baby girl for a long time tried to bring her figure in order. First, the extra weight did not want to leave, but then suddenly Bonya lost weight up to 48 pounds because of a busy work schedule. Now she fears for their health.

      Виктория Боня боится терять вес

      Victoria Bonia daily pleases his fans with beautiful photos in Instagram. The star shows the natural beauty of Monaco and the French Riviera, and also shows stylish outfits. Periodically Bonya arrives in Russia for work. In one of such visits, the girl talked to reporters and told how she manages to keep in shape.

      According to Victoria, she lost weight to 48 kilograms and was beginning to worry that you’ll lose weight. TV presenter is trying to monitor their diet, so some time after the birth of daughter Angelina was practicing a raw food diet.

      “I have my moments when I’m just consumed with work and at seven in the evening remember that didn’t have Breakfast. I easily refuse to eat. But not from water: I love her. On the other hand, a year ago I discovered the raw food diet. I had the most amazing things: in four months I lost weight to 48 kilograms – as in my youth! and learned a lot about myself, about my body,” said Victoria.

      In addition to the strict control over your nutrition, the leading sports, alternating between some types of fitness to not get bored in the process of working on a perfect figure. “I am a very active person, I like variety. Sometimes I can plow in the gym for two months and then a few days to do nothing. Now I’m resting after the project “Without insurance”. We had a wild schedule: every day I trained for ten hours, there was no output! In the second week of the project I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see the press worked out and pumped back. To keep yourself in shape, you have to train. I think the one who is lazy, just haven’t found your sport,” said the star.

      To look always young and fresh, the 36-year-old presenter also cares for the skin with peeling, special creams and makes biorevitalization and once a year Botox for the face. According to Victoria, with age she differently began to look the part of a person that she didn’t like in 18 years.

      “I didn’t like my round face and large cheeks, and I wanted to “draw” the cheekbones. With age all by itself is reformed. Even a small snub nose to 25 years in some way ennobled” – shared the star in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”.

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