Victoria Beckham will receive from the husband an incredible gift for an anniversary

Виктория Бекхэм получит от мужа невероятный подарок на годовщину
Celebrity couple celebrate the 20th anniversary of their love story.

David and Victoria Beckham

Photo: Social networks

David Beckham never skimp
for gifts for his beloved wife Victoria. But this time, the famous football player retired conceived
something huge — he decided to give his wife an entire island!

It all started with the fact that
billionaire Richard Bronson invited Beckham with his wife relax on your private island Necker,
part of the virgin Islands in the Caribbean sea. Vic looked at that
the time they spent there together, so happy that David decided to make
her a special gift. Beckham decided that this year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the beginning of his Victoria Roman, he will give her a private island.

Your choice, according to
source, David stopped on the island of Bird Cay part of the Bahamas archipelago. The area of the island —
a little more than 100 acres, and for this acquisition, David will have to “fork” — to pay 7 million pounds. However, for the Beckham like this
consumption is not excessive, after all, his personal fortune is estimated 270
millions of pounds, and together with his wife he is “worth” about half…

As for the Islands,
it definitely will not be strangers, and the couple will be able to rest here with the children does
quietly. And housing here is more than enough — in addition to the base of an old mansion,
which offers stunning views of the ocean, there are still five small
cottages where you can take

the couple that always loved and knew how to impress – as their
gifts and holidays in a big way. So their wedding,
held in 1999, it was recognized
the most luxurious wedding of the decade. Then for the ceremony was leased to the Irish castle where the bride and groom were seated on gilded
thrones and crowns. At the Banquet, invited more than 200
guests-celebrities, and wedding cake were so high that did not pass the door
and had to disassemble and then assemble again, before it could
enjoy the guests and the couple…