Виктория Бекхэм станет Кавалерственной Дамой
The wife of the famous footballer received an unexpected gift for the holidays.

Victoria and David Beckham

Recently Victoria Beckham learned an unexpected
surprise: soon, she will become Dame Lady! Elizabeth II included
it to the list of subjects that the Queen, a decree was granted Large
The Cross Of The British Empire. The title, which was awarded to Victoria women’s analogue of the rank of Knight.

Interestingly, in the family, Victoria is already a Knight. In 2003, this title was granted to her husband, the famous footballer
David Beckham. After receiving the order from the hands of Elizabeth, David admitted that not even
dreamed of this honor. “I was just happy to meet face to face with
Queen. I was overwhelmed with emotions, because I always had in regards
to Elizabeth and all that goes with it, the deepest respect. Besides, it
was my doubly special day, because I was able to take in the Palace of his
grandparents. In other words, I was able to implement what they metal all my life!” — says Beckham.

As to the Victoria, which still
before assigning it a new title, had the right to be called a Lady (as the wife of a knight
David, the wedding with whom she played for 17 years ago), then she fully
appreciated a well-deserved honor. Having learned about the decision of Queen Victoria to celebrate made
dashing flip through your head! As announced, the title of Dame was rated Mrs
Beckham like for its design achievements and active humanitarian
work, including as a goodwill Ambassador for the UNAIDS Fund at the United Nations, working in
the fight against AIDS.

By the way, Victoria is not the only member
family involved in charity work. In addition to her husband, is also giving
this activities of a lot of time and effort to the work involved and the average of the three
spouses, sons — 11-year-old Cruz. Shortly before Christmas the boy who
despite his young age is already starting his career as a singer, released the single, all
proceeds from the sale of which, according to the decision of the cruise, go to baby