Виктория Бекхэм озадачила снимком с «неизвестным мужчиной»
The eldest son of Victoria has changed almost beyond recognition.

Виктория Бекхэм озадачила снимком с «неизвестным мужчиной»

Victoria Beckham, Cruz and Brooklyn

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Beckham came in bewilderment, seeing a new photo that
she shared in the Network. In the picture she appeared resting on a large
the couch with his youngest son Cruz,
and there it is conveniently located a young man who
immediately able to identify. Someone even managed to think that the wife of David Beckham made a new friend while her husband is away in Miami.

However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the young man is the eldest son of Mrs Beckham and 19-year-old Brooklyn! To identify it could
not just because he really has changed beyond recognition.
Regrown mustache and small goatee made him a different person!

now looks like a man: however, he behaves not
as a child. The young man takes his own decisions in his life and he is ready
to be responsible for their consequences. Recently, he left his studies at new York
University, where he studied the art of photography, explaining that for him now
it is more important to practice. To this end, he became an Intern of a famous
the London photographer. That gave him the opportunity to return home to Britain.

amazing that the parents did not angry at his son dropping out. Vic couldn’t believe his luck — her adorable son back
home! During the absence of Brooklyn she missed him, now enjoying
every minute spent with my son.

Victoria and Brooklyn

Photo: Instagram