Victoria Beckham took revenge on his ex-girlfriends from the Spice Girls

Виктория Бекхэм отомстила своим бывшим подружкам из Spice Girls
The player’s wife found the daughter’s musical talent.

Spice Girls. 1995


Victoria Beckham struck his friend in the group, in which it
once performed, unexpected and very painful blow. Official
the representative of the 43-year-old wife of footballer announced that it will not participate in the long
the anticipated reunion of the Spice
Girls: “Victoria saved the best memories of that
the time that she spent with participating groups. But now she
intends to focus on his family and on business. So all the talk about
that it will participate in the reunion of the Spice Girls are untrue!”

Meanwhile, as has been reported, negotiations on the reunification
the group was conducted for several years. And recently appeared information about the fact,
they finally managed to agree. They decided that they will be reunited in
2018 and give a number of concerts and maybe even go on tour. But Victoria, among other things, said she strongly opposes
that the old songs were sung without her, because he believes that he has
they have the same rights as others. So now all plans of the former
“the peppercorns” came to an end. Some believe that Victoria got revenge,
thus, my girlfriends. After all, last summer, she complained that
the group did not like it and often even
was turned off her microphone during concerts, not allowing her to sing.

Interestingly, 6-year-old daughter Victoria — Harper — cut
musical talent. Anyway, so considers herself the wife of the famous footballer. The other day she
tweeted a photo of daughter, practices playing the flute. And
a little earlier shared a video in which Harper enthusiastically takes
song Mariah Carey.