Victoria Beckham staged an explosion in the kitchen

Виктория Бекхэм устроила взрыв на кухне
The star was told about the hidden virtues of her husband.

Виктория Бекхэм устроила взрыв на кухне

Victoria Beckham brilliantly cope with the mass of business: it is an extremely successful business lady
and a wonderful mother of four children. But when it comes time to Shine
skills Victoria suffers a decisive defeat. Last
“feat” is exploded in a microwave oven ceramic pot
oatmeal. This was told to the website

a strange noise, Pets scared at first, but soon everything is clear:
Victoria undertook to prepare Breakfast and incorrectly put the time and mode
cooking. However, Victoria still had enough sense of humor to put a photo of the fruit
his culinary “fiasco” in the microblog and to provide it with the caption: “Here’s
what happens when mom takes over the cooking!”

really, Mrs Beckham has never tried to pretend that she is
able the best way. But, by his own admission Victoria, her
beloved husband David Beckham to cook like a real chef. He’s always loved
to cook something interesting. And when David played football in Italy, he
received and read the professional skills, after studying it in my spare time
in the cooking school. “Yeah, he’s really good in the kitchen!” — admitted

also, David still sews beautifully! If Victoria herself, who mastered the profession
designer clothes, wielding mostly pencil, drawing sketches of their models
her husband is exceptionally good with a needle. Almost all improvised
doll dress darling David, a five — year daughter Harper made
hands. “I don’t know how I would have coped with everything without the help and support
husband. How fortunate for me that I have such a wonderful husband!” said
Mrs Beckham.