Victoria Beckham showed a “string” in Cannes

Виктория Бекхэм показала «шпагат» в Каннах
The wife of David Beckham surprised fans relaxed behavior.

Виктория Бекхэм показала «шпагат» в Каннах

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria

Photo: @victoriabeckham(Victoria Beckham Instagram)

By always
I had the impression that Victoria Beckham is quite discreet in nature. She rarely pleases others smile, and even scandalous behavior behind her did not notice. But recently Victoria is trying hard
to prove that she’s not a goody two-shoes and, as many think, boring, and quite
themselves bizarre girl who likes to have fun.

In Cannes all the free time Beckham spends in the cheerful company of friends. Victoria
shared several photos and videos of the get-togethers with
best friend Eva Longoria. Looking at them, we can confidently say,
Victoria knows how to entertain and may well compete with the scandalous Miley Cyrus.

For example, on one of
pictures Beckham shows a vertical twine. She did it in that
the outfit, which appeared at the opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival. And
another picture of Victoria relaxes in the hotel room after a busy day, lying in the mask from foil and… in sunglasses.

Four children star in
the absence of a mother stayed with daddy David in London. Exemplary father walking with Junior in the Park, watching
execution of lessons senior.

By the way, 17-year-old son
Victoria and David Brooklyn in March started to learn the car driving with
instructor. Recently and independently with the breeze swept their
parents of a brand new expensive auto. However, seniors are the Beckhams were slightly shocked dashing
ride Brooklyn, and persuaded his son to take a few extra
driving lessons.

Victoria Beckham

Photo: @victoriabeckham(Victoria Beckham Instagram)

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