Victoria Beckham loses weight at an alarming rate

Виктория Бекхэм худеет пугающими темпами
The star have to put “layers” in your outfits.

Victoria Beckham

Photo: Splash News/East news

Recently health Victoria
Beckham seriously bothering her devotee wife of David and friends. The fact that extremely petite star recently became just scary skinny! As
says a friend of Mrs. Beckham, Victoria’s weight has dropped below 44 pounds. And
waist became thinner than expected
models, that is, does not even reach 60 centimeters.
However, it could be noted and no revelations girlfriends of stars. After all
recent photo of Victoria in the company of pretty women showing her fashions
on the runway, she looks much skinnier girls around her.

Surprisingly, this
petite its owner creates serious problems on the part of outfits. Its dimensions already
so small that Victoria can find the right fit for their clothes not all
designers. Often even the smallest size is too big for her. However, as
told a friend of the star, Beckham has found a solution for myself: she puts under
especially favourite, but too wide for her outfits, special

However, difficulties in the selection of clothing is far
not the most serious problem of those with
which have had or will have in the near future to face Victoria.
Doctors say that such extreme weight loss is extremely dangerous for health.
It causes increased bone fragility, impaired immunity, and even the onset of premature menopause. To
also, people under this state, often suffer from sleep disorders. And
it has felt Victoria who complains
of severe insomnia.

Incidentally, a friend of the star claims that Beckham lost control of his weight. That is, it is, of course, has
their normal diet consists of steamed fish, poultry and vegetables.
But she lose weight not because fewer have, from extreme fatigue.
The constant stress associated with her career — the creation of new collections and
constant traveling around the world in the quest to expand the network of its boutiques,
led to the exhaustion of Victoria. And if it does not reduce the load, nothing
good about her health in the future will not have to wait.

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