Victoria Beckham jealous of the husband to his new friend

Виктория Бекхэм приревновала мужа к его новой подруге
The wife of a former football player fears for the fate of their marriage.

Виктория Бекхэм приревновала мужа к его новой подруге

As told one of her friends 43-year-old Victoria
Beckham, wife of David is very concerned that her husband more and more time
holds in society known in Britain, the lady — socialite and model
aristocratic lady Mary Charteris.

Beckham was introduced to Mary his buddy, David
Gardner, the fiance of actress Liv Tyler. Gardner presented Charteris footballer
retired in the summer — during a music festival in Glastonbury. And since
then, regularly meeting at social gatherings, every time they retire
somewhere in a secluded corner. And see David and Mary only when
Victoria goes anywhere. So, the other day, when Victoria again departed
on business in new York, Beckham met with Charteris on the party in a popular London institution Chiltern House, where
the couple partied till morning.

As far as the friend, Victoria, to
treason case has not reached, but the wife of David is concerned about the fate of his
marriage. After all, lady Mary does not enjoy the best reputation. Charteris, daughter
graph Vanessa, is famous as a lover of parties she has
wont be consumed not only excessive amounts of alcohol, but also different
prohibited “performance enhancing drugs”. And Mary, though formally married, she lives with her husband Robbie Foursom on different continents.
She’s in Europe and he in USA. Besides,
Charteris in the past already destroyed one family — she was charged at the time in
the crash of the marriage of Kate moss and Jamie Hinz.