Victoria Beckham is ready to destroy your own house

Виктория Бекхэм готова разрушить собственный дом
The wife of the famous footballer took a sudden resolve.

Victoria Beckham


became known, 43-year-old Victoria Beckham, influenced by a sudden whim, “let
to the wind” a few million dollars. She not only stopped work on
rebuilding the mansion in the new family estate, but now wants to destroy a little
not everything that has been built.

it began with the fact that Victoria and her husband David realized his dream,
by purchasing at the beginning of this year, the country estate in the Cotswolds.
They paid a lot for it — about 6 million pounds. But immediately
after the purchase, the couple planned a thorough restructuring of its new
of ownership. David and Victoria regularly visited their “construction” and was like
all seemed quite pleased with how she is progressing. Yes
urged the workers, claiming that they want to move soon to a new home.

during the last visit, when the restructuring was coming to an end,
Victoria suddenly were ordered to stop work.

David said: she suddenly realized that her lot is not satisfied. Main stone
the stumbling block was the roof of the house — Victoria did not like its appearance and color, and she
ordered to dismantle it. Next, she decided that she wants to change the location
five doors and replace 36 Windows. Victoria wished that the house was
demolished and transferred to another place of the stone staircase and swimming pool… Now have to create a new project
upcoming changes and approve it in the local architectural management,
because the new property of Bekhemov refers to the number of protected historic buildings, and then another, to implement. It will take a lot of time, so
spouses are unlikely to arrive in your new home this year.