Victoria Beckham has revealed the secret to your perfect skin

Виктория Бекхэм раскрыла секрет своей идеальной кожи
Victoria told how at 42 years old to look 25 years.

Виктория Бекхэм раскрыла секрет своей идеальной кожи

Victoria Beckham


Victoria and David Beckham

In his
a recent interview Victoria Beckham has shared a way in which she
manages in 42 years to have almost perfect skin. “When I was much
younger, I was extremely troubled skin. I’ve been trying to find a solution to your
the problem — as long as one experienced
dermatologist gave me some unexpected advice: “You should regularly eat red
fish, for example salmon!” And specified that this should be done every day
at lunch, Breakfast or dinner!” — said Victoria.

And yet,
although, as admitted by Victoria Beckham, she has since strictly follows doctor’s orders and
get rid of your problem, this is not her only secret
to look “on all hundred”. Although the skin of Victoria and is in excellent condition
she almost never appears in public without makeup. “I
houses a table the size of a dinner busy makeup!” pride
admitted Beckham.

“The fact is,
I just love to paint! Over the years I have accumulated cosmetics
all sorts of colors and shades. In truth, I started to use makeup
and perfume when I was very young. I remember my mom was wealthy
a girlfriend who always smelled of very expensive perfume. And I besought her, when ended
another bottle, give it to me. Although they have almost nothing, I
put them on your dressing table and enjoy…” — recalls with a smile

But if those
the way it looks, Beckham quite satisfied with her clothes she admitted
the wife of football star retired, she had a terrible “blunders”.
The desire to look stylish brings it sometimes to the point of absurdity. Victoria mentioned
two similar cases: once she dressed in something that resembled latex
costume Female Cats and the other went to walk to Disneyland
shoes from Christian Louboutin at exorbitant
the height of the heel at the time, when he was already on the ninth month of pregnancy,
nurturing your middle son — Romeo.