Victoria Beckham has figured out how to avoid a hangover

Виктория Бекхэм придумала, как избежать похмелья
The player’s wife in retirement continues to amaze his fans.

Victoria Beckham


Recently, Victoria Beckham shared his
“special” recipe: she invented a way to maintain a “clear” head on
the next morning after the wild party. In General, her idea is very simple: to
no hangover, not to drink! But to realize this intention 43-year-old Victoria, as she admitted,
it is not easy. The fact that Mrs. Beckham has a weakness for tequila. And
to resist in order thoroughly to “taste” her favorite drink, when
all around drink alcohol, it is very difficult.

But Victoria still came up with a way
to stay sober in the midst of intoxicating fun. Admitted as spouse David, she
night to end “spree” — nibbles
coffee beans! This, according to Victoria, with one hand to distract her from
the desire to drink, and with another — helps maintain alertness. However, members of the
family Beckham absolutely not happy with the “invention” of Victoria. They
fear that she might in this way cause damage to their health.

However, the player’s wife before
puzzled by their amusement. So recently, she told that to maintain
slim drink every morning on an empty stomach two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar.
That, according to some doctors, may lead to stomach ulcers. Moreover,
Victoria and their children feeds in accordance with their ideas about
proper nutrition. So, after school she treats them, instead of lunch, with a mixture of
pumpkin and pine seeds. At the same time, Victoria truly believes that she
adheres exceptionally healthy lifestyle.