Victoria Beckham has admitted that colleagues from “Spice Girls” took revenge on her for her popularity

Виктория Бекхэм призналась, что коллеги  из «Spice Girls» мстили ей за ее популярность
The star said that the “peppercorns” desperately jealous of her.

Виктория Бекхэм призналась, что коллеги  из «Spice Girls» мстили ей за ее популярность

Victoria Beckham


Appearing at the exhibition at London’s National
Portrait Gallery, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Vogue, Victoria Beckham struck
all unexpected recognition. The star revealed that her former bandmates the Spice Girls she desperately envied and
did everything to complicate her life.

The wife of David Beckham came to the exhibition not as a
the ordinary visitor, but as an honored guest, because it has graced the cover
edition three times, and such honor is given, not all stars. And
how many times Beckham pictures appeared in this edition, nobody can count. And here Victoria had a chance
to speak to the audience in the gallery guests. However, what she told me
shocked her listeners. The star admitted that her former colleagues in the group “Spice Girls”, where she performed before
as I became a professional designer, didn’t like her. “Since then, as I
in parallel the singing career begun to take the first steps in the fashion industry,
they began to systematically switch off my microphone. I stood on the stage with
all, but couldn’t sing it… Nothing, but I had to laugh at them
last. Now my microphone is always in order, as, for example, now!” — joked the star.

However, in times of group work often Victoria was not amused. Besides, she felt uncomfortable there. As
says Beckham, it was always very important how it looks and what
dressed. Victoria admitted that, although her earnings were at the time not so great, she tried to buy only the best and trendy outfits. For example, only one little black dress from Gucci cost her serious money and blew the budget.
Meanwhile, her colleagues wore clothing of mediocre quality, that they got it for free, as a gift, and she looked like a white crow.

When the group disbanded, Victoria, writing
only a few solo songs, he decided to abandon singing career.
As confirmed by a former team Manager Simon fuller, he said Beckham
to make a career in the fashion industry. She followed his advice, and she never
had to regret it later.

the group “Spice girls”

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