Виктории Бэкхем пришлось урезать себе заработную плату и уволить личного водителя

Виктории Бэкхем пришлось урезать себе заработную плату и уволить личного водителя

Victoria Beckham has created his own brand of designer clothing in 2008, and now her company is known throughout the world. Former singer holds its fashion shows for leading fashion Weeks, and her dresses present in the wardrobe of the most famous women in the world.

Unfortunately, such popularity among movie stars and music does not bring financial stability to the brand, this is very small. Victoria’s debt to its investors is only increasing, and sales are in place. Last year, its debt amounted to almost 13 million pounds, and this year the company’s shares have fallen even more in price. At the moment Victoria needs 36 million pounds.

As reported by insiders, Beckham fully invested in the company of family money, she’s exhausted, but just will not give up, because it is not just a job, it is my favourite thing.

To somehow deal with the debt and cut spending, investors decided that Victoria should abandon personal driver. Now to get to work she would have to call a taxi or drive yourself. Also celebrities have had their wages cut. With headquarters was sold all the exotic flowers and interior design products, because their service is too costly for the company.

In past years, the fashion house of Victoria Beckham supported her husband David Beckham. In 2016, when the company lost 3.8 million pounds, a former football player has allocated from its budget of 5 million for brand spouses. The loss of the brand was associated with the fact that Victoria wanted to open its first store in one of the most elite areas of London.

At the opening of the boutique, Victoria spent more than 3 million, the bulk of the money went to the purchase of scenery for the room. In 2018, David singled out for his wife for 23 million pounds. The money the singer and designer has spent on the expansion of his company and promote his new line of cosmetics.

But it is unlikely that David will be able to help his wife, things in his business have also been not the best way. If in 2018 the former football player received a net profit in the amount of 44 million pounds, this year its revenue totaled only 14 million.

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