Виктория Бекхэм не может забыть свои лишние килограммы и прыщи
The star told of their “complexes”.

Виктория Бекхэм не может забыть свои лишние килограммы и прыщи

Victoria Beckham

Photo: Instagram.com

Victoria Beckham in her youth

Photo: Instagram.com

Looking at always extremely confident Victoria Beckham, former member of “Spice Girls”,and now — famous designer and wife of football star, which
journalists have nicknamed “Mrs. perfection”, it is simply impossible to believe that
once she suffered from the same problems as ordinary mortals. However,
Victoria recently confessed that when she was a teenager, I suffered from what
was too “plump” and could not cope with your skin. Victoria
published in the latest issue of British magazine “Vogue” the letter addressed to herself — those
times when she was 18 years old.

“I know you suffer a great deal. You’re not exactly the most beautiful and
slender College Lain
Arts. I
remember, you were never too popular in school, although girls with
you studied were nice and kind. You have terrible pimples and headmistress
announced that the play at the end of the school year where we will need to act
humiliating slinky bright purple
tights, you have to hide in the back row. Because you’re too
“plump” to show off in front of everyone… But trust me, it’ll all be in the past!” —
wrote Victoria.

Incidentally, although since then, Beckham has turned into accurate
opposed to itself — as it was 24 years ago, from complexes
to get rid of her and failed. 42-year-old star,
long become a standard of harmony, which some consider too
thin, still is afraid to get better, Morita a constant diet
and even on your own birthday does not allow himself to eat even a morsel
of the birthday cake. Not to mention the fact that Victoria never mastered a wide Hollywood smile
adopted in show business. She, as she admitted, it seems that when she
smiling, it becomes ugly. Therefore, the wife of David Beckham usually keeps
gloomy, and only in the most extreme case allows himself a little smirk…

However, all complexes did not prevent Victoria make a brilliant
career, to acquire an enviable husband and wonderful children. And, maybe, all
happened in her life just because she strove hard to prove
everyone and herself that she is the best…