Victoria Beckham became friends with the bride of Prince Harry

Виктория Бекхэм подружилась с невестой принца Гарри
Megan Markle and wife of footballer revealed common interests.

Виктория Бекхэм подружилась с невестой принца Гарри

Meghan Markle


Victoria Beckham


Meghan Markle, which is
recently moved from Vancouver (Canada), where she starred in the TV series
“Force majeure”, in London, has managed to acquire in Britain girlfriend. She, as it turned out, was Victoria Beckham!

According to the informant
publication “The Sun”, telling the story, Megan and Victoria in the first
once bumped into at a social event. They got to talking and
found a lot of common interests — in fact both ladies and carefully monitor their

Megan was very glad to have
a friendly contact in London, where she hasn’t quite caught on. Besides,
Victoria gave her a lot of precious tips.

First of all, Mrs Beckham advised
Markle your personal beautician Sarah Chapman and has ensured that Megan was able to her to enroll. After all
in order to get to Chapman, “simple
mortals” have to wait for six
months. No less than Megan was grateful to Victoria for another “tip” —
favorite hair salon Beckham. Besides, the wife of the famous in the past
player who owns a vast fashion Empire, and has a reputation as an expert in the field
fashion, gave, according to Megan, she is absolutely invaluable advice. What now for
Markle, which in the spring of next year
the date of the wedding with Prince Harry, is very important.

We will remind, on the engagement Harry
Megan was officially announced late last month. As it became known, they
get married at Windsor castle, and the wedding will be held in the chapel at the Palace
where at one time was the baptism of Harry.