Виктория Бекхэм и ее супруг экономят на подарках друг другу
The retired football player talked about the new passion of his wife.

David and Victoria Beckham


David Beckham
resulted in confusion of their fans: in an interview, he said that he
you have to think about how not to spend too much on presents its
wife. Millionaire Beckham, the father of three sons and daughter Harper, said: “Victoria can no longer afford
afford to buy each other extravagant expensive gifts. We have
to save money, because we have too many kids to throw money into the wind.” And
this is despite the fact that the joint state of the Beckhams
is estimated at 337 million pounds!

Recently the couple attended fashion week in Paris, where the desire to save did not stop them from
in order to stay at the Ritz Hotel, where their rented room cost about £ 800 a day.
David and Victoria, as told Beckham,
decided to use his stay in the French capital, until they both
busy with their business, to be alone. David said that from his point
of view, to maintain the feelings to the wife, much more important gifts, and the time
which they spent together. “We enjoy simple pleasures — like
a bottle of good wine!”

told David, recently his wife has a new passion: she fell in love with
expensive wines. And this despite the fact that before Victoria tried not to use
alcohol and exclusively adhered to a healthy diet. So, even in your
birthday she didn’t allow themselves to eat cake. And children after school
fed on a mixture of sunflower seeds with soy sauce.
But David managed to instill in Victoria love to the exquisite red wines.
Which, incidentally, by his own admission are often 2 and a half
thousands of pounds for a bottle that does not fit well in declared them company