Victoria Beckham admitted that she has no friends

Виктория Бекхэм призналась, что у нее нет друзей

Victoria Beckham recently became a knight of the Order of the British Empire. Such an honor for the designer was given through her work in the fashion industry, with the formulation “for merits in the industry.”
On this momentous occasion Victoria congratulated beloved husband and children, but from friends of congratulatory messages she received very little. In recognition of Beckham, she has no friends, because in her life there are far more important things.

“My best friends are work and family, says ex-spice girl. Friends I don’t have many, just because there’s no time”.

“True friends understand that you are not able to see them as much as you want because they also have their business,” adds Vicki. To argue with that belief, of course, makes no sense.

Note that one of the most famous girlfriends Beckham is actress Eva Longoria. By the way, Eva Vicki there was a time when first married. Beckham has proven himself as a true bridesmaid – collected Longoria, adjusted her dress (which she and sewed), hair, even helped to put on shoes.