Victoria Beaune is credited with an affair with a footballer

Виктории Боне приписывают роман с футболистом Celebrity broke up with her ex-husband with an Irish millionaire Alexander Servicom. In a relationship with entrepreneur Victoria the daughter was born. Recently Bonya has published the sport, fans felt that the star tried on stuff for a new boyfriend.
Виктории Боне приписывают роман с футболистом

The media and fans ascribe Victoria Boni numerous Affairs with famous men. The star itself conceals personal life, only hinting to fans who might be her new lover. About a year ago, the celebrity broke up with her civil husband Irish millionaire Alexander Servicom. Now the former lovers are raising a five year old daughter angelina and periodically selected on the rest together.

Recently Bonya opublikovala a photo that immediately gave rise to a new gossip.

“My suit player, on the topic of the day”, – signed photo of Bonia.

In celebration of Halloween Victoria dressed in a soccer Jersey of the player “Manchester United”. Observant fans immediately saw in the picture a hint of a new relationship with Marouane Fellaini. The athlete just plays on this team.

Виктории Боне приписывают роман с футболистом

Moreover, in the backlight circles have long been rumors about the relationship of Victoria and a Belgian footballer. It is a high growth, 194 cm, he has an unusual hair style Afro also he is a successful player in November he will be 30 years old. Marwan was in the Olympics, became the champion and winner of super Cup of Belgium in the standard. Fellaini was named the best player at Everton. The athlete managed to win ha career awards such as the FA Cup and the Supercup of England in 2016 and become the winner of the UEFA Europa League in 2017.

Bonia has not yet commented on the rumors about her new novel. Now the TV presenter has a rest with her daughter in the Maldives.