Victoria and David Beckham shared his financial Empire

Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм поделили свою финансовую империю Experts believe the star of morals that the couple are preparing to divorce. Rumors about irreconcilable differences in the family of celebrities have been circulating for a long time. Nevertheless, Victoria and David have never commented on these conversations.

      Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм поделили свою финансовую империю

      At the end of March Victoria posted on social networks a photograph of her husband David, in an unusual occupation – footballer sewed the applique to the pink doll dress. Even without the signature it was clear that the needle and thread invested in the tattooed hands of his father’s 4-year-old daughter Harper.

      While the former England captain was looking after four children in Los Angeles, Victoria the collection was presented at fashion Week in Seoul. Where she came from Hong Kong – the couple had not met face to face for more than a month. And, according to inner circle, showed no hot desire to reunite.

      Don’t play with my toys

      Rumours that David and Victoria are living separately by themselves are not news. However, the assumption that this does not Bode well for their marriage, backed by fresh evidence. It turned out that the couple secretly split the shares in the family business, which earned them the status of a billion dollars. Before it was General: David was the Director of the fashion label Victoria, and she was in charge of his company, which sells the David Beckham brand. But now everyone plays in their corner of the clearing, although in a critical situation David still gave Victoria a hand. It turned out that Mrs Beckham produces more products than it can sell.

      After learning about the loss of 3.8 million pounds, David transferred to accounts of her company’s 5.2 million pounds out of pocket to close your debts and even get a plus. Perhaps the player used the money from the sale of three houses. The hammer went English estate in Hertfordshire, a mansion in Madrid and Villa on the Cote d’azur in France. Apparently, sharing money easier than house and land, so the family gets rid of of real estate. In addition, they reorganized the business in the event of divorce, each to their stake without the ability to challenge.

      Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм поделили свою финансовую империю

      The American dream

      Friends of the family say that the rifts between the spouses began after moving to America. In 2007, when David signed a 5-year contract with team LA Galaxy, Victoria found that Los Angeles is the one place where she can realize her potential. “I deserved that opportunity, she says. Nothing fell on me from the sky, did not come easily. And even when he sang in the Spice Girls, stayed on the sidelines”.

      She immediately realized that in America her glory for the first years of marriage eclipsed the glory of her husband. “Success has made her demanding and capricious – tell your friends family. She worked for wear out like crazy, the house was acting tough. The wiki has only traveled by limousine with chauffeur and brought the assistant, whose responsibility was to remove her shoes.”

      David wished only to fulfill the contract and to return home to England. “Victoria is not happy, say friends. She didn’t want to be back in his shadow, because there is David – the darling of the nation, and she’s just his wife. Here then began the quarrel”.

      Things got pretty grim when David got injured and was attached to the house. It became clear that Victoria was not used to make husband in high doses. “All the time of their marriage David practically lived on the football field, say friends of the couple. – Trauma excommunicated him from the game for eight months, on the horizon loomed the end of a career. He fell into a depression just at the moment when his support and assistance needed Victoria the most. She has traveled around the world, and at home had instead of relaxing from morning till night to clean up emotional issues David. In the end he bounced back, but the relationship did not become old”.

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