Victoria and David Beckham are preparing for a long separation

Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэмы готовятся к долгой разлуке
A famous footballer retired he moved to America.

David and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham will leave his family: soccer
and his wife Victoria with my three younger children will be in the near future to live
on different continents. He will move to USA, and they will remain in the UK.

The relocation of David, which is scheduled for the imminent future, associated with
career prospects of Beckham: the football star retired decided to get
own team and become its Manager. And to implement the project, he decided
in Miami. As told by David, on this project he was already working as many as four
years, but only now he managed to overcome all obstacles that arose on
the way of his plan.

“I believe in your strength and never doubted that I will succeed.   I  —
a stubborn man, and not accustomed to give up, so the difficulty I just
provoke!”said Beckham. Among other things, to carry out atomproekt helped him
his partner — entrepreneur originally from
Pain — Marcelo
Claure. With it
David met in the house of Jennifer Lopez, with whom he maintains close
friendly relations.

Wife of David and
younger children Cruz, Romeo and Harper will have to stay in London because of Victoria strongly
does not want children had to leave my school and leave my friends.
So now David will see his family only on the holidays. But he
will be a little closer to his eldest son, Brooklyn, who is now studying
University in new York. David’s hope that now he will be able
to see my son more often.