Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэмы снова в центре скандала

Not so long ago David Beckham was involved in a scandal. Server Doyen Global PR firms, managed by Simon Oliveira, the General Manager of the former football player was hacked and the hackers have opened a correspondence between Beckham and Oliveira. In numerous letters the men were discussing work issues. But most of the rest of the hackers were attracted to the theme of charity and chivalry Beckham. The fact that David was talking about how he didn’t want to list thousands of the amount for the benefit of someone and something, and chivalry and his “don’t care”.

Today hacking the servers again backfired on David.

This time hackers found in the letters is the proof that football player and his famous wife Victoria leave. And this is after 18 years of marriage!

The American press declares in the mail David were financial documents, learning about which Victoria decided to break. But the official representatives of the couple today denied all the rumors about the divorce. “There is absolutely no time to deal with this nonsense”, — said the representatives of Beckham.

Of course, the divorced couple would be unlikely, even if the family is not going smoothly. The fact that the Beckhams have long been not just family, but a real brand, which is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

On the other hand, we still hope that Vicki and David really happy. For example, in honor of the 18th anniversary of joint life of the couple in the presence of children newly said vows. Isn’t it a testimony to the love and sincere feelings?