Victor Zakharov: “Ex-husband Rasputina buried as homeless”

Виктор Захаров: «Бывшего мужа Распутиной похоронили как бомжа» It became known as actually died Vladimir Ermakov. As it turned out, his son from his first marriage refused to take responsibility for seeing father’s last journey, but because the body of the ex-wife Masha Rasputina was cremated.
Виктор Захаров: «Бывшего мужа Распутиной похоронили как бомжа»

Vladimir Ermakov, the father of the eldest daughter Masha Rasputina Lydia, died more than a week ago. It was reported that the man was planning to participate in the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. Ex-husband of Masha Rasputina died show backstage Shepeleva

Today in the First channel will show a program dedicated to the death of former chosen artist. The current spouse of the singer Viktor Zakharov said in an interview with “StarHit” that if the show will show footage with the participation of Mary, they would sue, as the contract with the channel was not signed. Zakharov also said that Ermakova burned in the crematorium on the second day after death. The first channel has denied the death of ex-wife Masha Rasputina filming

“Maria cheat on the program, – says Zakharov. – Called and said it was the transfer of “Let them talk”, they have a new presenter and format. Mary immediately said that questions regards to ex-husband will not respond. Editor show agreed. The wife then transferred the fee, and she came into the Studio. Was cork, in the end Masha was two hours late. Note that all this time. was backstage and waited…

As a result, Mary was not “Let them talk”, and some “really”. Shepeleva she previously had never seen. As soon as he asked the first question about Ermakova, the wife got up, sent everyone and left. Well, you know her character. And then, as told by one worker of the channel, Ermakov refused to pay the fee, because without the participation of Rasputina he did not need them. He became ill, and he died. Paid the money to his female partner, gastarbeiters some. It probably is also in the Studio will call. Friend to some… But if they use at least the fragment with the participation of Masha, we will submit them to the court. I have every right, since the contract has not signed”.
Виктор Захаров: «Бывшего мужа Распутиной похоронили как бомжа»

The relationship between Rasputina Ermakov and spoiled for a very long time. According to Zakharov, after the divorce, Maria has left Vladimir their shared four-room apartment. Later, the man who never worked, rented a few rooms to visitors and lived on the money. Then Ermakov was discharged from the apartments, their heiress.

“Then I bought another apartment for Lida – so he sold it, lied to his own daughter, – Victor continues. But Lida is the rightful heir to four-bedroom apartments. In six months she will come into its own, and we will check. Yet Ermakova has a son from his first marriage. He is also the heir. Incidentally, he refused to bury his father. Apparently, there was no money. But almost immediately register in the apartment, and almost barricaded themselves there. Ermakova and eventually burned in the crematorium as the homeless on the second day after death. He was a lifelong Masha poured mud, but in the end he had finished…”

32-year-old Lida Ermakova is currently on preventive treatment, which takes place several times a year, according to the testimony of doctors. The rest of the time she lives with her mother.