Victor Saltykov: “People do not believe that the daughter herself came to the “New Factory of stars”

Виктор Салтыков: «Люди не верят, что дочь сама попала на «Новую Фабрику звезд» The actor said, as regarded the choice of successor. According to Saltykov, he didn’t know anything about Anna’s plans to participate in the project to the third phase of the qualifying round. Now he rarely talks to the child, as the contestants took the phone.
Виктор Салтыков: «Люди не верят, что дочь сама попала на «Новую Фабрику звезд»

Anna moon (stage name girl.Approx. “StarHit”), the youngest daughter of the stars of the ‘ 90s, was among the sixteen lucky participants of the project of the channel “Muz-TV”.

“According to the rules of the show Anya is now absolutely without means of communication – said Saltykov “StarHit”. – We can talk only if we manage to get through on the landline house phone homes. It turned out that after filming the concert you guys put on a bus and taken to a rented house in the suburbs, and at the entrance confiscated all the gadgets. How it feels there, like communicating to people can understand diaries – the reports that show on TV three times a day.

The daughter of Viktor Saltykov: “Dad didn’t know I was coming “New star Factory”

Immediately recognize his daughter, looking at the screen. The last few years she studied in the UK at the Academy of music, graduating with excellent results. As a student, started his video blog on YouTube channel. Laid back songs, communicated with the fans. Since we were far away from each other, we used to see her more often on the monitor than in person.

Tell you a secret, she wanted to retreat – to escape from the last round. But I am persuaded that admit a huge mistake. People certainly do not believe that the girl had gotten herself. We have the same as? If you are someone’s child, then pushed. But I didn’t know about her intentions until the third stage of the qualifying round, honest!

I called the producers of the show and offered to sing a duet with her at one of her concerts. I gave the nod, but imagine how she will react. Ana wants independence. While studying in England, the daughter of a great pulled language and fluent in English. Writes his own songs too foreign. And once I even heard the following: “Dad, I hope I will never sing in Russian.” Now let’s see how to sing”.