Victor Rybin has told how he suffered a terrible tragedy

Виктор Рыбин рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию Well-known musician for a year could not speak after stress. Victor Fish hard to remember what happened in his childhood. Artist lost the closest person and hardly coped with the pain of loss.

      Виктор Рыбин рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию

      Renowned musician Victor Rybin remembered the tragedy that changed his life. Despite the fact that it was hard for him to cope with the gushed emotions, the actor still said what he had to face in childhood. The program “invisible Man” he told me about what happened many years ago in his family.

      Psychologist Mary Joe, and the magician a novel Fad use different approaches, but both noticed that as a child the invisible man has experienced the strongest stress.

      “There was a loss of a loved one, most likely that kinship. This is a very impact on the lives of our guest. He experienced complete devastation, heartache”, – said Roman Fad.

      Victor Fish was not easy to cope with emotions from the flood of memories from my childhood. However, he still said that he felt the program experts.

      “The worst thing that happened to me in my childhood was the death of his father, confirmed the singer. – I was seven years old, it happened in front of me. Details I don’t remember, fortunately. But after what happened the whole year was silent”.

      My mother and grandmother who raised Victor, was not easy: he was a troubled teen went bad, misbehaved, fought. Shaman Dardo Cousteau saw that grandma is now an angel singer, she protects him. But the earth supported him throughout spouse Natalia Senchukova.

      “He had three marriages, and now with him, finally, the woman who assigned to him by fate,” said the hereditary fortuneteller Aida.

      Experts – a psychologist, a magician, a fortune teller, a shaman, a palmist and a CSI – every time surprise the audience with their abilities. The main feature of the program is that they don’t know anything about hero, but to see through them enough to learn some personal thing, the fingerprints, the lines on the hand, and sometimes it is just a drawing or a reflection in the mirror.

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