Виктор Мережко рассказал о своей любви к Наталье Гундаревой
The actress charmed him from the first minute Dating.

Natalia Gundareva in a film “the Sweet woman”


With Natalia Gundareva, Viktor Merezhko met at the audition for the film, based on his script: “Hello and goodbye”. For the actress it was the first big role.

“And then came Natasha, — says writer and Director. — Dressed Gundareva was simple: some gingham blouse, skirt. Face washed, shining. In conapesca. Red hair, combed smoothly… something funny began to talk, to laugh. Laughter it was natural, not strained, and Natasha around happiness just overflowed. Of course, she charmed us…”.

Premiere of the film took place with great success. “Came on stage the whole team. Came even the awareness that not every movie premiere came. The hall was full,and the standing ovation is incredible. We were so glad that made common cause… I Think at this point, Natasha and really became friends. I saw it as something warm, natural and joyful for me. And loved it, although we did not have a love relationship. Just we have become almost relatives. Of the same blood. Natasha also cherished me as I am her.”

The following films script Merezhko Gundareva played a major role.

The “picture “You are expected by citizen Nikanorova” we were shooting in Karachi, lived in some dump of a hotel. I called to the room to Natasha: “what are You doing tonight?” — “Yes, do nothing, sit in the room drinking tea”. And it was already dark, eleven at night. And we went with her to walk around the city. We had a sincere conversation, I was holding her by the shoulders — she had such yummy shoulders… But we hugged not as lovers. Natasha was very sexy, but I never came or anything, she’s my friend, relatives…”

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