Victor Drobysh urgently operated

Виктор Дробыш экстренно прооперирован Producer moves with the help of a cane. Victor Drobysh did two operations. Despite this, he continues to prepare for the musical contest “Eurovision 2016”, where to go with the Belarusian party Alexander Ivanov.

      Виктор Дробыш экстренно прооперирован

      To “Eurovision 2016” only a matter of weeks. All participants and their teams are actively preparing for the international music contest. Victor Drobysh participated in the show as a producer participant from Belarus Alexander Ivanov, better known under the pseudonym IVAN. A sudden health problem caused the worker of show business to take a temporary pause. Victor survived two operations on his leg. Producer heavily damaged ligament, after which he was urgently hospitalized and spent surgery.

      It is unknown how long it will take to recover. While Drobysh move with a special cane. Of course, the time limitation of movement prevent the producer to continue working with the wards at full strength. However, IVAN does everything in its power to justify the trust of a mentor. By the way, Viktor with a smile perceives provocative questions on the topic of what he produces in the music contest participant from another country.

      “I am Belarusian. I think that God himself commanded us to participate from Belarus. One day, my artist was on the contest from Belarus, Dmitry Koldun. This is not a stranger to our country… If someone wants to divide Russia and Belarus, we are the enemy of not only my, but also in Russia. The strongest stronghold that remained, – Belarus. We are one country,” explains Drobysh “7 days”.

      Recall, 21-year-old singer Alexander Ivanov’s room to perform in Sweden. The artist should go on stage contest practically naked. Drobysh told “StarHit” about why decided to send his ward to the box before the competition.

      “Sasha is her stage movements, although the number of them, – told “StarHit” Drobysh. – But training is still needed – needs to be flexibility, consistency. Me in the first place is important is not that he won, and that was really deep musician. So it wasn’t like the philosophy from Anna Sedokova. To understand why he does something. Why one or the other movement on stage is doing. Elena Vaenga here hands spinning – it in fact just shows the FA, and everyone thinks it’s super cool”.

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