Victor Drobysh talking about star disease “manufacturers”

Виктор Дробыш заговорил о звездной болезни «фабрикантов» The producer told about the behind the scenes of the TV show channel MUZ-TV. In recognition of Viktor Drobysh, new artists began to feel more confident on stage and conquer the audience with their songs. However, some of them consider themselves celebrities.
Виктор Дробыш заговорил о звездной болезни «фабрикантов»

Autumn on the channel MUZ-TV premiere of “the New idol”, producer of which became Victor Drobysh. Recently, the figure of show business, wrote a column for the online edition. Drobysh said about the behind the scenes of the project.

According to the man, he genuinely enjoys the success of beginners. Over the weekend the participants first came on the scene to congratulate MUZ-TV happy birthday. Drobysh said that the audience reacted favorably to the performances of young people.

“They sang their songs, and they were almost indistinguishable from “big” artists, they were well received. I am very glad that the boys can call themselves “artists”. After only 1.5 months of training on the “New star Factory”, he said.

However, some young artists, patronized by Victor Drobysh had already started to feel like celebrities. The producer decided not to name specific names. According to the figure of show-business, he’s going to struggle with self-esteem of young performers.

“Some of them [project participants] have already caught the illness star, as without it. However, someone else caught her only once on the project. I don’t want to name names, I think that one of my tasks in the “Factory” to explain to young actors, what is star disease and how to fight it – said Drobysh. – It is enough to cite examples, when a successful start other people ended in the collapse of a career. It works much better than publicly censure”.

The producer also spoke about the difficulties encountered on the project. “Of course, I as a producer can be difficult,” said he. The wife of the Drobysh was sympathetic to his desire to devote much time to the work. “But all my weekends belong to the kids, and this is the time when I’m ready for the craziest ideas,” said the man. According to Drobysh, he could easily go night fishing with the heirs. “If a son asks to go to the moon – have to do it”, – quotes the figure of show-business website of the magazine Hello!.

We will remind that not so long ago Victor Drobysh publicly apologized to Olga Buzova. Previously, he criticized artists who act under a soundtrack. The presenter took the statement of the producer to heart and said that it was surprised by the behavior of the Drobysh. After some time he said he did not intend to hurt feelings Buzova and has no plans to continue with her conflict. Victor Drobysh apologized to Olga Buzova