Victor Drobysh has spent on the young artist of 100 thousand euros

Виктор Дробыш потратил на молодого артиста 100 тысяч евро Producer prepares for the main song contest of the ward from Belarus. Victor Drobysh has forced the singer IVAN to box in front of “Eurovision” and regularly rehearse a dance with a wolf.

      Виктор Дробыш потратил на молодого артиста 100 тысяч евро

      At the moment the producer Victor Drobysh is busy preparing for “Eurovision” 21-year-old Belarusian singer Alexander Ivanov, who will speak in Sweden under the pseudonym IVAN. The artist will take the stage of the competition completely naked, and the company will make him live wolves. Drobysh said “StarHit” about why decided to send his ward to the box, how much is invested in its preparation for the competition and how it relates to the outcrop of the guy his girlfriend Nastasya Samburski. IVAN rehearsed under the guidance of Viktor Yakovlevich for several weeks.

      “Sasha is her stage movements, although in the room it says “StarHit” Drobysh. – But training is still needed – needs to be flexibility, consistency. Me in the first place is important is not that he won, and that was really deep musician. So it wasn’t like the philosophy from Anna Sedokova. To understand why he does something. Why one or the other movement on stage is doing. Elena Vaenga here hands spinning – it in fact just shows the FA, and everyone thinks it’s super cool”.

      Виктор Дробыш потратил на молодого артиста 100 тысяч евро

      According to the producer, the singer is now undergoing the present course of the young fighter due to the “Eurovision”. And in a very real sense, as it turned out. “I constantly see young successful musicians, watch their performances – for example, 30 Seconds to Mars or other rockers, and I noticed that most liberated its Boxing. It is more useful than any ballet or dance, – continues Victor. – So I gave Alexander a Boxing – but not where the muzzle beat, and the more work the reaction. In addition he pumped – naked will be the same, must be beautiful. Well, that girl from the same series – Nastasia supports him in everything. This couple is a very good combination.”

      Money on your mentee Maestro is also not spared. “To prepare IVAN for the competition took me over 100 thousand euros, said Drobysh. – Somehow I did not save. But it’s worth it – we will not like at all”. As for the rates of winning, producer admitted that he has no interest.

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