Victor and Irina Saltykova made a scene because of the mutual lies and betrayals

Виктор и Ирина Салтыковы закатили скандал из-за взаимной лжи и измен Artists still can’t forgive each other for past wrongs. According to Irina, her husband repeatedly drunk and drove her to a nervous breakdown. Victor of all charges in his address denies.
Виктор и Ирина Салтыковы закатили скандал из-за взаимной лжи и измен

Victor and Irina Saltykova divorced back in 1995, but still can’t communicate with each other. Now the singer is happy in a second marriage, but he regularly has to respond to the allegations ex-lover. In the program “the Secret to a million” singer of the hit “Blue eyes” once again remembered the terrors of their eight-year Union.

“He drank a lot. Repeatedly cheated on me what I later learned. Of course, I knew that my husband is a very popular artist, and was flattered. However, I was a naive girl and didn’t expect to build a relationship is so difficult. The assault was also more than once. He had wandering hands. Now I would easily answer, but then I was too good,” said Saltykov.

However, Victor has a completely different vision of the situation. He believes that their marriage disintegrated because of the complex nature of Irene, her constant tantrums and scandals. In spite of this, a man willing to take on the world, to abandon quarrels and to establish friendly relations. That’s just the singer doesn’t want that.

According to Saltykova, their marriage has lasted so long only because of her efforts. Difficulties began already in the third year of marriage. The singer alleges that her husband drank every day, and once intoxicated he even broke the furniture in their new apartment.

“After my divorce, I was crying all the time, couldn’t calm down. It was very difficult. I then buried my father, and 45 days later we got divorced. Such a double blow. However, due Vite I became such a strong person. He shits a lot, and still abuses alcohol. In the web you can find a recent video where he’s drunk is crawling on the stage. Our daughter is ashamed of him, and now even blocked the room of his father. He does not want to communicate with the child,” said Irina in the program.

The singer has long been ready to bury the hatchet, but it disturbs the relation of the former husband to the daughter. According to Irina, Victor not only many years of not Dating the eldest heir, but still refuses to answer her phone calls. As it seems the singer with daddy issues can affect future personal life of Alice.

Saltykov himself denies such harsh statements in his address. He claims to have repeatedly visited a daughter in London, where she lives permanently.

“Recently we met with Alice, looked into each other’s eyes and cried. I love my daughter, we talk, but now I have other children. Ira especially dramatic, although Alice has already become an adult and can speak for himself,” responded to accusations Saltykov.

In the program, Irina has made a sensational statement. She claimed that after the separation the husband wanted to get back to her. “We finally parted in January, but he called in February and said he wanted to meet. Asked to wait until his current wife gives birth. However, I replied that no I would not take it back,” – said Saltykov.

Victor adamantly said that nothing like that happened. His current wife a man loves, what keeps repeating in every interview. But Irina Saltykov once even caught cheating once before came back after the concert.

Anyway, at the end of the transfer the couple was able to overcome themselves and shook hands. The fans hope that this gesture will be the first step to reconciliation former vozlyublennyh after prolonged hostilities.