Victim of stars in the name of glory: the bald hair cut, lose weight, change the image

Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж “StarHit” found out what bold experiments are the Russian artists for your favorite things. Among the local celebrities was enough of those who are not afraid of drastic measures and gladly accepts the challenge.

      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      Many actors are forced to submit to the demands of their profession and to agree to not always a pleasant experiment with his looks. In order to participate in a particular project, the stars are not afraid to change and go all out to meet their hero and to take in the suggested on-site circumstances. Among domestic celebrities a lot of very brave actors who unconditionally trust and allow Directors to do with anything. “StarHit” remembered the most unexpected of disguise movie stars for a prominent role.

      Julia Vysotskaya

      Actress and TV host surprised his fans early in the year when appeared in the program “Morning with Julia Vysotskaya” on NTV channel is shaved. However, this was surprise even to her co-host Jemal, Terashvili. However, the new hairstyle Julia was that noted and Jemal, and fans in social networks

      About the cause of the crime, the star was silent. It later emerged that the victim Vysotskaya went for the participation in the new film my husband Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” – about destinies of the Russian emigrantka Olga, state traitor, Frenchman Jules and SS officer Helmut. But even after almost two months after the star had to part with their blond curls, she admitted that until now experiencing due to this.

      “I can’t wait, when hair grows back again! Don’t like pressure. For me it is important that the initiative was mine. If I got a haircut on his own, we would have forgotten about it and moved on, not caring how I look. Now… Understand that it is necessary for the film, but are still experiencing violence on themselves.”

      In addition, earlier Julia said that her short haircut has become a new round of thoughts, because the main focus was now on her face. And if before, lack of sleep or tired appearance could have been hidden for effectively stacked hairdo, now this simple technique was not available.


      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      The actress also broke up with their lovely hair for the sake of shootings in the film “Battalion” of her character by rank was unacceptable to have long hair, as opposed to, for example, from Maria Aronova, who played the commander of the “Battalion of death”. As already wrote “StarHit”, shaved Maria Kozhevnikov directly in the frame — not the razor, and authentic German cars of the early XX century, only with modern blades. But first a scene long rehearsed: as a hairdresser will keep your hair, any length cut off, from start to shaving. And over and over again chased her from beginning to end. This is not surprising, because the lift, this was possible only with one take. Maria was determined. Didn’t budge, even when her blond curls fell to the floor.

      “It’s the least I could do for this movie. I decided that I need to survive what should have been the girl who was the prototype of my heroine”.

      We will remind, as a family, and her husband supported Mary in this issue and have been ready for metamorphosis. However, in case if getting used to the new way was very difficult, Kozhevnikova was already prepared with a wig.

      Ekaterina Vilkova

      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      As Maria Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina Vilkova sacrificed their tresses for the film “the Battalion”. Fans found out about it, when in autumn 2013, the artist came with a new hairstyle for the premiere of the film “Stalingrad”. Many were shocked, but noted that the nature of the music was both touching and tough. The star admitted that he had no regrets about his decision to short haircut.

      “The role is interesting, typical, unusual, and. So there were no tears, no shock,”

      However, the victim Ekaterina Vilkova brought in vain — shooting the film she was forced to stop. But for a specific reason. It turned out that the actress is pregnant. And, according to Vilkova, this second pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for her. And since filming was delayed, she left the project because he could not afford to jump on the trenches near explosions on the big term of pregnancy. But even then, she noted, that he had no regrets about the lost curls.

      Julia Topolnica

      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      Girl “you” for the filming of the video of the band “Leningrad” also went to the victim and have put on a few pounds. “But that was easy, – said Julia “StarHit”, – I love to eat”. Unlike the heroine of a clip at Topolnicki house there is always bread, and in the closet a pair of jeans in case she lose weight or get better.

      Girl “louboutins” from a clip of the group “Leningrad” hides an affair with the resident of “Comedy club”

      After filming the video, which brought her fame, Julia engaged in fitness, to lose those extra pounds. “Yeah, I go to the gym – shared St. Petersburg actress, – articles read on the Internet, nothing special. Any beauty tricks to lose weight, especially not running. Well, except that belly at the beach can suck it”.

      Yuliya Snigir

      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      The requirements of the chosen profession obeyed at the time, and Julia Snigir. For the role of Catherine the great in the TV series “Great” actress had to gain weight — over 10 pounds. And this at a time when all the beauties of the world are trying hard to lose weight!

      “Catherine the Great, when he first came to Russia, was very thin, but later in the court very strongly recovered. I found a compromise and gained 13 pounds for the role, told reporters Snigir. – I am in my heart six months. Even more to gain weight I don’t want. Still, I don’t have to be like two drops of water similar to her character externally”.

      Native Tsyganova turned away from him because of the baby Snigir

      Returned to form, the actress quickly. However, diets she was exhausted – all happened naturally and, of course, not without sport.

      Vera Sotnikova

      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      Actress Vera Sotnikova could not resist the temptation to play the great singer Lyudmila Zykina. Despite the fact that the artist never differed miniature forms, for the role had become much bulkier. “For two months I had gained 10 pounds – the Director and producer did not like the idea of using the frame overhead of the arms, legs and belly” – shared the actress with the “Stricom”.

      “To get better, every evening, eating gingerbread and washing it down with milk. Due to the weight not worried – my body has always had the property not only easy to gain weight, but to part with them. When they became more than necessary, I just restrict itself in power, heavily involved in yoga, and came back to normal”

      However, after the filming of the series “Lyudmila” to lose weight was not so easy. According to Sotnikova, the body “was zavratnica”, had a feeling that he says: “I will Not give any weight! I’m fine”. At that moment Faith became one of the participants of the project “grow Thin with “Stricom”. For two months she managed to lose 8 pounds and get back into the familiar form.


      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      Last summer, Olesya Sudzilovskaya shocked their fans when they posted photos with short hair — long hair is gorgeous her head was adorned with short Bob. And wrote “I got a haircut. Mommy!” A few weeks later it became known that his gorgeous blond curls, the actress sacrificed for the role in the film “Son of Wolverine”. This decision was given it hardly.

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya put under the knife your gorgeous hair

      “I thought, just gather hair into a ponytail, and is immediately cut off. But no! Scissors all gnashed and gnashed, and it lasted forever, I even the eyes are afraid to open. And when it happened, and I myself in the mirror I saw, I immediately wanted to hide his head under a black robe,” said the actress.

      Recall that around the same time, it became known about the interesting position Sudzilovsky. And, despite the fact that during pregnancy many women do not cut their hair, following a certain ancient beliefs, Olesya went on a sacrifice for the sake of art. By the way, it all ended successfully — on January 19 the actress gave birth to a second son.


      Жертвы звезд во имя славы: стрижемся налысо, набираем вес, меняем имидж

      In 2014, the singer has lost more than 10 pounds. And even instead of the usual goatee that he wore the last few years, the face Chumakov became fashionable to decorate the bristle. The impetus for these transformations was the role in the romantic Comedy “Urgently will marry.” Hero Chumakov – society photographer, according to the scenario fit, fashionable, attractive young man. So Alex, at the request of the Director, had for the role to lose weight. And in that moment he weighed about 100 pounds.

      Within a month he was sitting on a special diet. As told journalists Alexey Chumakov, he completely refused from sweets, sugar, flour products. The predominant products in the menu was chicken breast and vegetables. Plus water in large quantities. The task assigned by the Director, was performed.

      Olga Buzova

      A little over a year ago, fans were amazed and TV presenter “House-2” Olga Buzova, which appeared ostrogannoj with bangs, while viewers are used to seeing her with straight hair and an open forehead. As it turned out, not Olga herself initiated such experiments with his looks. All solely for work: otstroennaya bangs – a condition of the contract with Chinese brand clothing.

      “Today there was bright eyes, but with them still and bangs, commented preliminary version posted on social networks photos. The Chinese always see me at all on its own. My task as a model – to do what they want. For the sixth year are the face of their brand, and I am very pleased to work with them on a global level”.

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