Vick Tsyganov appeared in unusual roles

Вика Цыганова предстала в непривычном амплуа The singer has released a gorgeous collection of clothes. Vika Tsyganova is proud of the work of the designer. Outfits made to present guests with a lasting impression. The actress admitted that the inspiration for it was wildlife.

      Вика Цыганова предстала в непривычном амплуа

      Famous singer Vick Tsyganov presented to the public a new collection of clothes. The artist has gathered numerous guests to showcase the chic outfits that she put a lot of work and effort. The audience was amazed by the talent of the artist and was impressed by what he saw dresses, jackets and other garments.

      Spouse Vicki Tsiganova Vadim delighted with the talent of his wife. He has no doubt the success of the collection wife. The man hopes that after this Grand show the Wiki will be a huge number of customers, including foreign.

      “Vic, your whole life is on it. We absolutely accidentally showed a month ago the organizers of fashion Week, they said it was a bomb. We are overwhelmed with such emotions, we are happy. Confident that this show will broaden our horizons,” – said the husband Tsiganova “StarHit”.
      Вика Цыганова предстала в непривычном амплуа

      The guests were delighted with the luxurious jackets, vests, dresses that were embroidered with beads and decorated with natural fur. Nice collection not left indifferent any visitor of the event. Victoria herself believes your outfits a work of art.

      “Clothes are part of my creativity, image. It so happened that all my outfits were designed and created herself. When you first started to sing, could not find a designer who could pick up something that corresponded to the songs,” admitted Tsyganov.

      Vika said that over one thing that usually employs five to six people. Despite the fact that it uses simple cut, her primary focus is embroidery and garment decoration. The singer hopes that her outfits can be combined with the usual jeans or pants. Some guests wanted to buy some stuff from the collection Tsiganova.

      Вика Цыганова предстала в непривычном амплуа“It’s all of a piece, so I can’t announce the price of things now. Of course, they are not cheap, I use high quality materials”, – shared Victoria with “StarHit” on the display.