Вика Цыганова обратилась к батюшке из-за конфликта с мужем The actress talked about the relationship with your beloved spouse. In recognition of Vicki Tsiganova, there are moments when she confronts the second half. In addition, the celebrity told that, for some reason, it rarely becomes a guest of the TV show.
Вика Цыганова обратилась к батюшке из-за конфликта с мужем

In the last few years the star of the 90s Vika Tsyganova rarely appears live on television. Nevertheless, the singer continued to give concerts, to the delight of his many fans. Star supports her beloved husband Vadim Tsyganov. It not only acts as producer of the artist, but also writes songs for her. The happy couple live in a country cottage with a garden and a kitchen garden. Recently the singer has been invited to the home lead program “With God’s help” channel “Spas” Galina Teryaevo.

In a candid interview with Tsyganov talked about his beloved wife, attitude to religion, and explained why rare become a guest of various programs. As a believer, the star tries to consult with a clergyman.

“Father told me not to appear on TV and be there very often. Sometimes it happens that I come, I want to say something and look like a fool. Then watch this broadcast and think, “why did you come back, if you have nothing to say to reach people?”… You want to be better and to be promoted, but while sitting a fool a fool. So I better not come,” – shared the singer.
Вика Цыганова обратилась к батюшке из-за конфликта с мужем

In addition, the actress said about how she manages to keep harmony in marriage. Vick did not hide the fact that sometimes she has conflicts with her husband. Fortunately, they are able to handle.

“My husband and we have a very creative relationship. Of course, there are grievances. I my father even sometimes complain. Go and cry and then I feel ashamed. As though the priest had nothing else to do, how to comfort me. But it’s so childish, it seems to me,” admitted the singer.

Interestingly, the couple lived together for about thirty years. This year they celebrate a special occasion. My first meeting with the second half Tsyganov recalls so far. “We met Vadim and read me poetry… And I sing to him, he loved it,” said the artist. During the conversation with the leading program Tsyganov also explained what kachestve husband she admires.

“I was amazed that this man can take responsibility. That is, under any circumstances, no matter what happens, he is responsible, he is a man. He was the first, he says, takes his hand and leads or solves the situation. I was also struck by the kindness, like my father’s, and of course, intelligence and the fact that he’s so well-read, competent. Not all artists are smart people, many of them drunk with themselves and their appearance…” – said the star.