Виктория Романец ляжет под нож хирурга ради нового бойфренда The star of “House-2” thinking about the next operation. Victoria went for a consultation to a plastic surgeon and discussed with him the possibility of installing new implants in the breast. According to the girl, this specialist is a professional in his field, his client is always satisfied with the result.

      Виктория Романец ляжет под нож хирурга ради нового бойфренда

      The star of “House-2” Victoria romanet, who recently left the project, is preparing for a new radical changes. The girl plans to adjust the shape of the breast. Some believe that the new operation Romanets decided for a new boyfriend Alexander Linden.

      A new young man so carried away by a spectacular brunette, she decided for him to change the body. Victoria went to the reception to the surgeon, which deals with insertion of implants to change the shape and size of the breast. “I’m thinking to replace the implants in the round,” wrote Romanets under the photo with your doctor. Fans began to discourage your pet to do a new operation, assuring the girl that her breast now looks great.

      Romanets and Lime met outside of the TV show. The girl instantly usignoli feelings for Alexander. That’s why she left “House-2”.

      “I really left the project. For me it was never a “show”, that was my real life. I loved, experienced and received so much pleasure from this place. It really is filled with love, warmth and tenderness. I clearly understand that the perimeter is not and will not men who have pure, kind heart, which will have a strong character who smells of success and pheromones. Behind which I will be as behind a stone wall” – a message left Victoria in the microblog, leaving the “House-2”.

      Виктория Романец ляжет под нож хирурга ради нового бойфренда

      By the way, Victoria has repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. Last fall Romanets appealed to the clinic with a request to correct the nose. According to the former participant “Houses-2”, she had long dreamed about it. The doctor is very accurately done rhinoplasty: removed the hump and reduced the size of the tip of the nose. To attain the plump lips, Romanets used cosmetic injections and tattoo done.

      Recall that Vic Romanets some time ago parted ways with Andrei Cherkasov, with whom they even planned the wedding. According to the ex-sweethearts, they parted friends. Andrew kept the girl when she broke her leg, helped her. However, now the participant of the project a new hobby. Cherkasova saw a glamorous girl at one of the beauty contests. Andrei Cherkasov brought to light a new love

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