Жилеты из натурального меха: какой выбрать?

Jackets surely win pride of place in the wardrobes of millions of women around the world. Sleeveless clothing is popular, especially fur vests that are perfect for winter wear. Combined garment with different outfits, creating unique images. Waistcoat natural fur warm in the cold season, but much lighter and more comfortable than bulky coats. Purchase vests in online store Udekasi Furs. The quality of the products guarantees a long service life. Buy vests of fur https://furs-udekasi.com/catalog/vest/ can be of various kinds. How to choose the best?

The vest is made of Fox fur

Natural product of Fox fur have coffee or silvery hue. Also, the fur lends itself well to staining, so buy fur vest in various colors and shades.
If you properly store and care for the purchased item, it will definitely repay you. Fur garment is a long time to please the owner with its neat appearance and functionality. If in the process of operation on the product has become defective, the product of Fox fur easy to restore.
When choosing a vest made of Fox fur, it is important to pay attention to such features of fur

  • Between should be thick, dense and brilliant
  • The villi should not crumble
  • Fur should not have an unpleasant odor

Vest Fox

Vests from Fox will save the owner from the cold at any time of the year. In winter from frost, in spring and autumn from the coolness. Some prefer to decorate a fur vest in the summer evening, when the sun was not warm, and the wind brings a distant cold.
The main advantage of Fox fur is its ability to sparkle. Sun the villi begin to Shine and sparkle shades.

Vest of mink

Vests of mink are the most fashionable and expensive. But this does not mean that only a certain segment of the population can buy the desirable product. In the Internet you can find discounts, sweepstakes and coupons that help purchase the product at a reduced price.
The product will decorate everyday and evening look. The quality of the original products emphasize style of the owner.

Vests from marten

Even at critically low temperatures the fur of a marten will warm the mistress in the best way. The material for the manufacture of garments is not inferior to the mink fur. With proper care and storage of this fur vest last owner for 7-8 years. Marten fur is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation and is pleasant to the body. Vests, fur of marten hide flaws and accentuate the figure.

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