Very soon will start operating the new plant “lemax” in the production of steel radiators

Совсем скоро начнет работу новый завод «Лемакс» по производству стальных радиаторов

Only 17 days left before the official opening of the new plant “lemax” is the largest Russian production of steel panel radiators.

The innovative complex is located in the city of Taganrog in the Rostov region. Part of the new line — powder coating line IdealLine now works as an auxiliary equipment of the boiler plant.

The construction project is using the latest technology. Fully robotized line for perfect quality of each product unit. It is planned that the plant will annually produce at least 600 000 steel radiators. The potential of the object allows you to gradually increase production to 1 200 000 units per year. The first model to evaluate the performance of the equipment is already off the line.

Interest in steel panel radiators is growing every year. They are intended for heating systems with water temperature not exceeding 60 °C. the Radiators create a warm soft, more comfortable for humans than the radiation from a standard battery. The new equipment is safe to operate and have proven their effectiveness.

To start the serial production of steel panel radiators in Russia plan to March 1, 2018. Currently in the shops of the new plant is installed and running line priming, painting, stamping, tuning of the welding line and packing line finishes construction of warehouse of finished products. The company is recruiting staff for the new facility and invites all applicants to fill in a form on the website in the section “Work with us”.

The company “lemax” is widely known in the market as a reliable manufacturer of heating equipment. Its products are successfully replaces the imported ones, offering consumers high-quality and affordable models. Representation of “lemax” in the regions open to beneficial partnerships.